Who I Am

Waterfall in Montana

Hello! My name is Alicia Boyd, I am currently a Graphic Design student and something I have known my whole life is my love for traveling and just overall experiencing life in different ways. I have not traveled to as far many places as I would like, but I have been lucky enough to have started my journey already and am able to start this blog with some of my experiences so far. So, look around, see some photos I have taken from my adventures, read some of my experiences and get to know some tips I have to starting your journey!

Traveling Tips

-Pack Light: Something I have learned when traveling is make sure you do not take your whole closet with you, especially if you are staying at your destination for more than a week. You might be buying more clothes and things to take back home. If you do not pack light, then you will have to pay to pay to check another bag.
-Don't Take So Many Photos: This is kind of contradicting my own page of traveling photography, but what I mean by not taking as many photos/videos is simple. When you are traveling you want everyone you know to be aware of your current adventure, so you post about it, record, take photos, etc. While yes, this is a great idea to do, I would not do it your whole trip. Something I heard from a friend awhile back was; "when you are at a concert and you are recording every song and taking pictures of everything you are not really experiencing the concert." After I heard that I took it into everything in my life. It is hard to do because we are consumed by our phones and Snapchat memories everyday. Yes, having the memories to look back at are nice and wanted and I am not saying to not take any photos of videos at all. But don't let it consume your whole trip. Experience it, live it, and make it memorable enough to where you don't even need to look back at videos or photos.

My Traveling Experiences


So far I have gone to the following; Colorado, Texas, Montana, Idaho, California, Arizona, Oregon and more to come...
Out of all of these places I have had the opprotunity to be with family and friends. I also got to do things like paddle board, hike, ski, zip line, site see, etc. I am also planning on going to Hawaii this year!