Jesus Contreras is a returning Pierce College Graduate, January 2016. Currently, Jesus is employed by the DDA as a Home Care Aide, (HCA for short) Jesus is also Tech enthusiast who spends most of his time learning about new technologies.

Jesus attended Lakes Highschool and graduated in the class of 2013. Shortly after his graduation, Jesus applied and attended Pierce College the same year. Jesus at the time did not know what subject or field he was interested, so he went to Pierce with the goal of getting his basics finished following in the footsteps of his third oldest sibling. Graduated in 2016, Jesus still did not know what he wanted to do. Jesus recently had become an HCA back in October 2018, to help to care for his nephew alongside his mother.

Jesus had an open mind for what he wanted to do when he graduated, but nothing clicked for him. In 2014 Jesus had a small interest in computers. (PC) He bought his first PC in September 2014. Jesus still not being satisfied with buying and owning a PC from a manufacturer, he wanted to have one he could call his own. He then stumbled upon pcpartpicker which is widely used by any skill level of PC building. He then later built his first custom PC in 2015. The field of computers, mostly the hardware side is where his he had interest, but not as an occupation. His enthusiasm grew in the digital aspect of computers mainly digital media such as web design, graphic design, 2D/3D animation, photography, and photo editing. Jesus has done some minor Photoshop work, mostly novice work from what he learned from Highschool and what he learned on his own. With the new year here, it is the beginning for Jesus with the objective of getting a Digital Design degree from Pierce.

Jesus's enjoys too play video games with friends, exercise, enjoys reading, photography/ editing. Jesus plans to acquire his vehicle license this year before his birthday.