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A little bit about us

We are a small company just starting, we are a bunch nerds with one goal in mind. Helping others shop for PC's that are meant to cater the person behind the monitor rather then upselling them to the highest cost. The goal of this company is to not only to make purchasing a PC more convienent, but to help those that wish to build there own!

(More information in the workshop page!)

Some good Tech Youtubers we recommend!

Linus Tech Tips, these guys cover literally everything that has to do with technology not just PC building!

Science Studios, he covers PC stuff too! He also critques used PC builds or parts that are up for sale and breaks down wether it is a legit price or not.

Pauls Hardware, this tech tuber is also a good source for new PC hardware, he also does live PC builds on stream.

All three tech Youtubers host live streams, these streams are very informative not only in the realm of PC building but technology in general, like CES (Consumer Electronics Show) coverage.

    Linus Tech Tips

    Here is a playlist to LTT's video card reviews!

    Click here!

  • Pauls Hardware

    Here is a playlist of PHW's streams, he not only covers PC tech but anything that involves technology!

    Click here!

  • Science Studios

    Here is a playlist of ST's reviews!

    Click here!