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Welcome to the Pre-Build page!

On this page you will find Pre-made PC build using a handy tool that all PC builders use. Be it new or verteran PCpartpicker is a nifty tool to gauge any compatiblity issues that the build has before purchasing any of the parts before hand.

We made some pre-builds already for you, or if you wish to add to the build or create a whole new one you are more then welcome to do so.

Below are some of the builds that we have made, even though these are pre-build you can at anytime swap any part.

Special note to prices, the field of PC parts the prices fluctuate a lot so we will take $100 off our prebuilds and $200 off any custom builds

If you wish to swap any parts from any of the pre builds

(please provide any changes or newly created builds in the contact form)

Build One: AMD Ryzen 5

Build Two: AMD Ryzen 3

Build Three: Intel i5 9600k

Build Four: Intel i3 8650k

watch these videos to learn more about the CPU too choose from below

Intel CPU's